Tips To Maintain Your Rug

Owning rugs, especially antique ones not only brings in great beauty but it comes with a great responsibility. The last thing you want is to have a stain on the middle of it, taking that elegance in the whole room with it.

Rugs go through many things like wearing off, mostly because of rough vacuuming and ,it also gets damaged from insects, food stains, and burns duebto smoke placed near the fireplace and so on.If you don’t attend to these soon as possible, it will continue to wer off and with time these areas wil begin to tear off and you will see that rounds of holes on your round rugs Melbourne will begin to appear. The more damaged it is, the more you will have to restore and the more its value gets lowered.

If you are using outdoor rugs with flower pots, there is a risk where the pots may leak and that damp area will begin to dry rot. As it begins to dry rot, you will find no way to restore it than to remove that certain area and woven the rug again. Restoring in such scenario may turn out to be more expensive than you think. Once the rug is wet, the wool will begin to soak. so the only way to treat these long term issues are by first, letting the rug to dry completely. If you are planning on keeping flower pots, make sure to keep something under the pot so that the water would pool onto it and does not overflow on to the rug. As long as the area when you have placed pots and such are dry, then you will have no issues.Also, keep a look out on wool eating moths. If you do see one flying around the place, there could be a possibility that it is already been infested. If so, you will be needing help from professionals, make sure to always check the top and the bottom of the rug constantly and see if you find proof of any sort of moths or any sort of silky cobweb.

When storing them, keep in mind to have them sealed and fully wrapped from moist. Don’t have your rugs laid on the stores, have them rolled up and kept. If by any chance, there is a leak your whole rug would be damaged.When it comes to burnt patcues, keep in mind to place something under the fire so that wax or burnt does not fall directly on to the rug.Turn the rug around at least once every 2 years, so that the foot traffic is equally spread on the top.

Hopefully these tips will keep you out of trouble.